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Switch IT Provider Birmingham

Switching your IT Provider doesn’t have to be a pain in the a*s

The thought of changing IT support provider installs fear and trepidation, with many businesses believing that there will be widespread disruption and create operational headaches. They would seemingly rather put up and pay up for a substandard IT provider, rather than explore the option to switch to a better IT Support Provider.

Headache free switching

There is no doubt it can seem like a daunting process, but here at ilicomm, we have a dedicated team that helps the switch over to us, pain-free and smooth sailing; we like to call it our remedy to a better IT Support Provider. If you are coming to the end of your contract or you would like to switch to a better service, get in touch with us today to discuss your switch.

If you have already decided to switch to a new provider, it is important to follow a few top tips to ensure a smooth transition.

Top tips for your business to consider when switching to a new Managed IT Support Provider

Read your current contract (and read it again)

Check the conditions of your existing contract with your current IT support provider. It is inevitable you will have to give a notice period you have to serve before you can end your contract. This can be costly and a real headache finding out you can’t switch until the notice is up.

Audit your existing landscape

It is important to know the state of your current IT landscape before making the switch. This is in the interest of both your business and the provider because services and service levels can’t be delivered based on the unknown. If the new IT company doesn’t request an initial Audit Assessment, it’s probably best to avoid them!

How much support do you need?

Being in the know and understanding the support time your business needs, will allow you to compare apples-for-apples. This information is readily available and your current IT provider should be able to tell you what time your business uses on support

Communication & Awareness

Communicate to staff about what is happening and how it may affect some services and their day-to-day use of IT. Don’t forget to keep your customers in the loop too, just in case there is a disruption to services. Finally, introduce both IT partners, so they can manage the handover easier – making for a smoother transition.

Offboarding your existing IT Partner

Remaining amicable to reduce friction when ultimately you are no longer a customer. Broadly speaking, your existing IT Partner should be happy to provide the necessary details so you can clearly understand when your current IT service with stop and when your new IT Partner services will commence. You must be provided with all of your login and administration credentials, for all of your services, so that you can pass them on to your new IT Provider and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Headache-Free IT Switching

Our switching team are the perfect remedy to help your transition to a better IT solution. See how we can support your business and help you reach your full potential through digital transformation.
Hassle free
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