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Email Threat Protection

91% of cyber attacks start with an email

Many email threats today use social engineering tactics to target business users to bypass email security gateways, so it's crucial to defend your business against phishing, malware, ransomware, impersonation and other email bourne threats. Advanced email threat protection by ilicomm provides real-time protection against intelligent attacks aimed at gaining access to your organisational data. Don't wait until it's too late.

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Prevent Threats

Detect & Respond


Prevent threats from compromising your business, data, and employees

To prevent advanced email threats like ransomware and email impersonation, you need to secure all points of risk — not just mailboxes but also data and users.

Don’t leave any gaps in your email protection.
Combine gateway defence with AI-enabled inbox protection to protect against all email threat types.

Get  the highest detection efficacy.
Our artificial intelligence engine analyses communication behaviour to detect and stop impersonation attacks in real-time. 

Protect yourself from lateral attacks.
Layered email security with Zero Trust Access for Microsoft 365 so that you can continuously verify the identity and trust of your workforce and devices.

Detect and respond to malicious attacks and unauthorised activity

While prevention technologies can block new email threats from reaching users, you need tools to detect attacks in real-time.

Train users to recognise email threats
Transform employees into a powerful line of defence against damaging phishing attacks with security awareness training.

Simplify and automate post-delivery remediation
Discover sensitive data and undetected stored malware by automatically scanning your OneDrive and SharePoint files. Don’t let attacks linger in your Microsoft 365 environment.

Stay compliant and resilient even during downtime

Ransomware, natural disasters, and simple human error can cause the loss of business-critical data at any time. Organizations need a fast way to recover and restore lost data while staying productive.
Deploy flexible and complete Microsoft 365 backup Microsoft also recommends that you use third-party backup for your Microsoft 365 data, as they only ensure the availability of the service, not the backup and recovery of your data. ilicomm's solution provides fast backup and flexible restore capabilities for your Microsoft 365 email and data. Ensure compliance and simplify e-discovery Retain and retrieve all email communications while meeting compliance requirements for retention and e-discovery.
email phishing protection

email protection is vital for any business to help protect its data, brand and reputation against phishing attacks, ransomware and spam.

FREE email Scan

Find out what's lurking in your inbox

98% of organisations with Microsoft 365 have malicious emails in their mailboxes. Find out Dangerous gaps in your Microsoft 365 security, see who is most vulnerable in your organisation and identify frequent attacks.

* Microsoft 365 email only. It’s fast, free and has no impact on your email performance.

91% of all cyber attacks start with an email

Protect your business today from email bourne threats by getting in touch with one of our team. We can arrange a free threat scan to see what might be lurking in your inbox!

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Free email Scan
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