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IT Procurement

Cut costs, drive compliance and maximise profits with stress-free IT Procurement from ilicomm.

As a UK leading IT managed service provider, ilicomm specialises in sourcing, assessing, and acquiring technology products, services, and solutions that help organsations meet strategic sourcing of hardware and software solutions. IT procurement solutions can help business reduce costs while improving operational efficiency.

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Support your business growth with IT Procurement

IT procurement can help businesses in many ways. We'll assign your business a dedicated procurement specialist to help reduce costs by optimising and streamlining IT infrastructure, provide access to the latest technologies and products, help save time by providing increased efficiency in the purchasing process and in negotiating deals, as well as help ensure consistent pricing and terms when dealing with suppliers. IT procurement can also help minimise risk by helping businesses to thoroughly assess the quality and cost of products, and by helping them to stay up to date with legal regulatory requirements.

IT Procurement Solutions

IT Procurement

Process-driven to increase profitability

When it comes to IT procurement, our mission is to deliver solutions that add value to your organisation, which promotes growth, drives objectives and increasesd profitability for your business. You can have peace of mind knowing that you have the right tools for your IT operation needs.

Conduct a Needs Assessment

Assess the IT requirements of the business, including both immediate and long-term needs.

Plan the Procurement

Detail the budget, timeline, and other relevant considerations.

Select Suppliers

Research vendors and select potential suppliers based on price, reputation, customer service and other key indicators.

Negotiate Terms

Negotiate contracts and payment terms, discuss service level agreements, and establish any necessary maintenance.

Place Order

Place the order and receive the IT products and services.

Supervise Delivery

Ensure that products and services arrive on time and meet the quality demands of the company.

Analyse Performance

Track the results that the products and services provide for the company.

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IT Procurement


Cost Efficiciency

IT Procurement helps businesses save money by identifying the best prices for the most suitable products and services. This allows organisations to stick to their budgets and avoid unnecessary expenses.


As cyber threats and data breaches become increasingly common, businesses need to ensure that their IT products and services are compliant with government regulations and industry standards. IT Procurement aids in this effort by providing visibility into what solutions the organization is purchasing and how they meet compliance requirements.

Risk Reduction

IT Procurement provides processes to assess, acquire, and manage technology products, services, and solutions in a safe and secure manner. This minimises the potential risks of using unreliable products and the associated costs.

Improved ROI

It's important to ensure a healthy return on investment. Among other benefits, the right tech products and services will reduce downtime, increase productivity and protect your business from cyber crime.

Take the stress out of IT Procurement

Getting the right IT for your business is difficult and time-consuming. Our IT Procurement experts provide IT Hardware, Warranty, Data Storage, Software Licencing, Networking and Communications. We do the heavy lifting, getting you the best deals from our vendors.

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